Hypodontus macropi Mönnig, 1929, a hookworm-like parasite of macropodid marsupials.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1979
Authors:I. Beveridge
Journal:J Helminthol
Date Published:1979 Sep
Keywords:Animals, Female, Larva, Macropodidae, Male, Marsupialia, Nematoda

Hypodontus macropi Mönnig, 1929, is redescribed and its taxonomic affinities discussed. H. macropi is recorded for the first time from Wallabia bicolor, Macropus robustus, M. fuliginosus, M. dorsalis, M. agilis and Thylogale billardierii. The method of attachment of the parasite and gross and histopathological changes associated with it are described. Free living larval stages are described. Experimental infestations were attempted but were not successful. Hypodontus thetidis Johnston and Mawson, 1939, is made a synonym of H. macropi.

Alternate Journal:J. Helminthol.
Taxonomic name: 
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